Scientific name: LavandulaAngustifolia. Description: It is collected and produced exclusively for the “Biologos” company in Northern Greece, in an area between Mountain Vertiskos and Volvi Lake, with ideal climatic conditions for the plant. A team of specialists plants it by hand and with loving care in an amazing location. It is collected only on the dry and sunny days of summer and immediately transported to the distillation facilities. Our team, with the most modern know-how in the cultivation and extraction of pure natural products from 100% certified organic Lavender, guarantees the extraordinarily high quality of the essential oil that is produced.

Technique: Extracted through steam distillation with the use of steady flow of steam on the plant. The resulting mixture of water and oils is condensed and then concentrated into essential oil drops. Only the flowered tops of the plant are used for distillation. Composition: Contains mainly terpene esters (linalyl acetate) and terpene alcohols (linalool), ingredients that ensure the therapeutic qualities of this essential oil. Scent: Fresh and sweet, and a rich colour base. Country: Greece.

Powerful disinfectant, relaxing, decongestant, antihistamine, regenerating.

It is one of the most significant essential oils in aromatherapy, natural cosmetology and pharmacy. It helps blood circulation and respiration. It is ideal in massage for muscle relaxation and relief from tension. Suitable for all types of skin. It calms immediately pain and irritation from bee or wasp sting. It creates the amazing sense of relaxation, serenity and inner balance in interiors.

With essential oils of Lemon, Pine, Cedar, Geranium, Sage, Clove, Patchouli.

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