Base oils are used either as the necessary carriers that integrate and dilute the essential oils for use in aromatherapy and cosmetology, or on their own purely for cosmetic care. Thus, it is important that they should be 100% pure, just as all the invaluable Base Oils by “Biologos”.
From the leaves of the plant with the scientific name of Pimenta racemosa. Thanks to the innovative mechanical processing, it remains semi-liquid and does not have the flow problems that other laurel oils are known to have. It is produced through cold pressing.

Rich in vitamins Α and E and fatty acids.

Traditionally it has been used for many years now for the treatment of joint and muscle pain.

Laurel oil is beneficial for hair care, especially long hair because it strengthens hair and protects it, enhancing its health and shine. It is a natural conditioner for hair, as it moisturizes and restores the wear and tear from daily life (combing, hair dryer, sunshine, dyes etc.). Care is due in the case of blonde hair, because laurel oil is a colorant.

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