Base oils are used either as the necessary carriers that integrate and dilute the essential oils for use in aromatherapy and cosmetology, or on their own purely for cosmetic care. Thus, it is important that they should be 100% pure, just as all the invaluable Base Oils by “Biologos”.
Almond oil is produced through cold-extraction from the plant with the scientific name Prunus dulcis. It is ideal for every skin type and has a pleasant texture.

It is very rich in proteins and vitamins Α, B1, B2, Β6, D, E. It has very low acidity and provides high pharmaceutical quality.

Due to its natural composition, it is one of the best pharmaceutical oils in Europe, beneficial against skin irritation.

Almond oil has been demonstrated to fight against skin dryness. It is recommended for every skin type but mostly for irritable, dehydrated or aged and distressed skin. It revitalizes, regenerates, moisturizes and soothes the skin.

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