BOX NOW Lockers

Pick up whenever you want!
BOX NOW’s automatic parcel pick-up machines are an easy, fast, convenient and safe way to pick up your order from our e-shop!

How do they work;

70,000+ lockers in more than 1,800 lockers nationwide!
Find a Locker next to you!

365 days a year, 24 hours a day!
BOX NOW Lockers are placed outdoors easily accessible all day!

How do you choose BOX NOW in the e-shop?

1. BOX NOW option at checkout

2. BOX NOW processes the order

3. The parcel is delivered to the box

4. Receive whenever you want!

BOXNOW returns

If you received via BoxNow you can return your package with a simple procedure:

  • Choose the Locker that serves you (See the available lockers here: )
  • Enter the ten-digit parcel id on the screen – which you find either on the voucher or in the email/viber/sms you received from BoxNow.
  • Place the package inside the slot
  • Close the box

Or alternatively click on below


Your package is even closer!
For those of you who are looking for flexibility in your deliveries, BOX NOW is here!
With the alternative payment method BOX NOW PAY ON THE GO we take this burden off you.

You place your order and complete the payment online, only when your parcel has been delivered to the locker you have chosen.

1. Make your purchases & Choose BOX NOW PAY ON THE GO as payment method at check out!

2. Your package is on its way!
Don’t worry it will be near you soon!

3. Your package has arrived at the locker!
Complete the online payment at the link you received on your mobile.

4. You are ready!
Receive your package!